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The Lair by DM

Mar 01, 2019 at 10:48 am by admin

The Lair by DM

The Lair by DM is a new set of Poses & Expressions and Scene & Props for use with both DAZ Studio's Genesis 3 and 8 figures and La Femme 1 for Poser 11. 

The Lair features five scene presets, five Full-Body Poses for Genesis 3 Female, Victoria 7, & Genesis 8 Female, five Full-Body Poses for La Femme and six 'GoTo' poses, poses, materials and lights.

Props included in the pack are Hall, Throne, Wall Banner, Wall Banner Set, Cauldron, Fire Bowl, Pedestal, FireBowl Set, Burner, Wall Torch, Wall Torch Set, Spear, Building Main, Building Alcove, Building Columns, Building Railing, Building Roof, Building 4 Window Walls, Building 2 Door Walls, and Building Shield Wall.

Materials Options (Iray only) (.DUF)
- 3 Banner Styles
- Flames ON/OFF

Light Presets (.DUF)
- 1 HDRI Environment Map
- 3 Environment Intensity
- Top Light
- Alcove Light
- 5 Scene Lights
- Head Lamp OFF

Camera presets (.DUF)
- 6 Cameras


- OBJ and PP2 files of all props, for use in Poser 11
- 5 Poses for La Femme, plus their mirrored versions
- Materials for all Flames ON/OFF (Superfly)
- 1 Camera
- 1 Scene preload with Lights