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Susies Rags for La Femme by nerd & Deecey

Apr 23, 2019 at 03:00 pm by admin

Susies Rags for La Femme

A great set for La Femme with some point toe shoes that you will adore using in many images! The dress poses great and is a joy to work with.

All clothing items will automatically follow the following morphs for La Femme:

* Body Morphs included with La Femme
* Blackhearted's Femme Fatale SD and HD Body Morphs (available seperately at Renderosity)
* Deecey's La Femme Body Kit morphs (available seperately at Renderosity)



Choose the Dress and you'll find body handles listed under "Body Parts." You can also click the body handles to select one of the body handles. When used in conjunction with the extra movement and adjustment morphs in the "hip" group of dress, you shouldn't have any problems with posing.

The Right and Left Hip controls allow you to adjust the hip and buttock area. This can be useful in some poses such as splits and sitting to correct poke through in that area.

The following body handles are included in the skirt of the dress, to aid in posing and movement:

Right Skirt
Left Skirt
Right Back Skirt
Left Back Skirt
Right Front Skirt
Left Front Skirt
Right Hips
Left Hips


The Ballet Boots were modeled with the realistic ballet boot shape in mind. They are a bit more unusual than normal footwear. In order to maintain the realistic shape and positioning of the boot, it is necessary to hide the toes of the character you are using, and also the foot, 90% of the time. In addition the boots work better when IK is turned off.

The default pose for the ballet boots is very extreme, and when applied may cause the feet to poke through the floor. You will need to repose legs from knees down, or use Figure > Drop to Floor to see the entire shoe.

There are three poses included for the boots:

Reset Feet: Makes all foot actors visible again. Also optionally turns IK back on for the feet. NOTE: This does not restore the feet to zero pose. It will only make the feet visible again.

Setup Feet Hide: Poses the foot in ballet pose and hides foot parts.

Setup Feet IK Off: Poses the foot in ballet pose, hides foot parts, and optionally turns IK off on the feet.

Realistically, when using the boots, bending and side-to-side movement should be very limited. However, you will notice that the shoes have dummy bones that will allow you to pose the boots for feet that are posed differently than the ballet foot pose. Click the Body actor to find the following dummy bones, as well as two bones that allow you to pose and scale the heels on the boots:

Right Foot Dummy
Left Foot Dummy
Right Metatarsal Dummy
Left Metatarsal Dummy
Right Toes Dummy
Left Toes Dummy
Right Heel
Left Heel