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Alethea for La Femme by Rhiannon

Sep 18, 2019 at 02:00 pm by admin

Alethea for La Femme by Rhiannon

Alethea is a beautiful, sexy new girl for La Femme. She can easily be the girl next door, a Gothic vixen, or anything in between.

Alethea’s face morph is a custom shape and does not require any other morphs packages in order to use. Just inject the Alethea Head Morph and dial it up.

Alethea’s body morph requires the body morphs that are included with LaFemme 1R1, and also the LaFemme Body Kit by Deecey. Make sure you inject these morphs, before applying Alethea's Body Morph.


Included in this package:
- Alethea Head Inj
- Alethea Body Inj
- Alethea Body REM
- Alethea Lash Pointed Inj
- Full Skin Mat Pose
- 12 Natural Face Makeup Mat Poses
- 7 Pale Face Makeup Mat Poses
- 12 Matte Lip Mat Poses
- 12 Glossy Lip Mat Poses
- 6 Eye Color Mat Poses
- 5 Eyelash Mat Poses