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BodySuit for La Femme and L'Homme by Afrodite-Ohki

Jan 16, 2020 at 12:00 pm by admin

Afrodite-Ohki created this full bodysuit for La Femme and L'Homme. Easy to texture, it is the perfect base for your texture creations, or simply make use of the various material zones (see the first and second promo images) to apply your favorite shaders without any need for textures. You can create texture sets to be applied to this, or use the mesh as a base for modelling new clothes (please read below)!

Included in this package:

-1 clothing figure (fits La Femme's base morphs, HD Femme Fatale morphs, LF Body Kit and L'Homme morphs*)
-7 Materials that work in Superfly and Firefly (procedural only - no texture included)

*Please keep in mind that this will not work with L'Homme's BodyFat morph, as it conflicts with LaFemme's previous morphs.

This product can be used as a merchant resource, provided that all of these instructions are followed:
-For texture sets, you can create free or commercial products to be applied to this clothing, as long as no files included in this product are redistributed (meaning that, to use your textures, the end user will need this product as well).
-You may use this mesh as a merchant resource as long as it is only for commercial (as in, not-free) products.