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NyX Midnight Gown for La Femme by Rhiannon

Feb 14, 2020 at 09:51 am by admin

NyX Midnight Gown for La Femme

The NyX Midnight Gown now for La Femme! This simply sexy gown is very versatile because it works for so many genres, every day and fantasy alike.

This gown requires Poser 11 Pro and the cloth room. It uses Poser Dynamics and will not work without it.

This product contains the Nyx Midnight Gown, 6 materials for the gown, and 6 variations of the materials with transparency (not shown) thatcan be edited to change the amount of transparency via the material room.

Materials have been optimized for Superfly but will also work with Firefly renders.

For best results when simulating you can use these alternative settings for the Cloth room to get a more "flowy" look:
• Fold Resistance 2.5000
• Stretch Damping 0.2000
• cloth Self-Friction 0.2000
• Static Friction 0.3000
• Air Damping 0.0400

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy the NyX Midnight Gown for Poser's La Femme.