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Body Kit morphs for L'Homme 2.0 by Deecey

Mar 31, 2020 at 01:15 pm by admin

Body Kit morphs for L'Homme 2.0

Body Kit morphs for L'Homme 2.0 adds several body shape variations to L'Homme. Mix and match for endless possibilities, and merge them with your own morphs to create a custom character.

Body and facial morphs are similar to those furnished with La Femme but, each of these morphs has been re-sculpted for use with L'Homme.

The morphs in this product are a Merchant Resource. The following notes apply.

-- You can combine these morphs with morphs furnished with the base L'Homme character, and with your own morphs to create your own custom character.
-- You MAY NOT combine these with other morphs that were not created by you, UNLESS those products are also sold as merchant resources and you have permission to use them.
-- Characters created with these morphs MUST be distributed as a single character morph. See notes below for instructions on how to create a single injection pose for your character.
-- Please provide a credit in your product's read-me file that this merchant resource was used.
The geometry for the morph transfer rig is NOT a merchant resource. Redistribution, in whole or in part, is not allowed.
Sections: 3D Figure Assets

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