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Cutie Bunny Outfit for DAZ Studio

Jun 19, 2020 at 10:00 am by admin

Cutie Bunny Outfit for DAZ Studio

Cutie Bunny Outfit for DAZ Studio is a clothing item set for Genesis 8 Female(s), Victoria 8, and more.

Files included in this product are the Bunny Suit, Bunny Ears with adjustment morphs, Earrings - both left and right - with adjustments setup for movement when posing, and Wrist Cuffs. It also features five each Iray materials for the Bunny Suit, Bunny Ears, Earrings, and Wrist Cuffs.

Supported shapes are Aubrey8, Darcy8, Nida8, Victoria8, Gia8, Olympia8, Zalara8, Stephanie8, Aiko, Girl8, Monique8, Olympia, Stephanie8, Mei Lin8, Alawa8, Eva8, Bridget8, Charlotte8, BodySize, BodyTone, BodybuilderDetails, BodybuilderSize, FitnessDetails, FitnessSize, Thin, Heavy, PearFigure, Emaciated, Voluptuous, BreastsCleavage, BreastsDiameter, BreastsHeavy, BreastsGone, BreastsImplantsL, BreastsImplantsR, BreastsSize, BreastsSmall, BreastsUnderCurve, and BreastsShapes 01-08.

Other body morphs supported by Auto-follow. Adjustment morphs included. Find the detailed list of morphs in the readme file.

This product Requires Genesis 8 Female(s) by DAZ3D and DAZ Studio with dForce.